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It's The Music Of The People Who Will Not Be Slaves Again

This week I'm supposed to be writing on my trip to Greece. I visited Athens and Santorini and have plenty to say. But, I just don't feel like I can say it. A swarm of confusing feelings have taken over and until I get them out, I won't be writing anything. So Greece is pushed to next week. This week I will be writing about the terror attacks on Paris.

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Muy Pequeño El Mundo Es

Barcelona, besides being a beautiful, cultural city, taught me many, many things. Arguably, the most important lesson was the realization of a danger in believing this large world is anything more than literal. By standing firm on such a belief, we fall prey to fantasizing these far off places and people until they reach a beyond human status. 

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What I Learned My Freshman Year Is...*Cue Dorm Fire*

There is something to be said about an Emerson College student. Requirements for acceptance include fluency in Spongebob Squarepants (see title), basic Harry Potter knowledge, a heavy background in mathematical and athletic hatred, and a strong passion for everything you do. It’s a job I was more than lucky to receive, and this week marks the end of my first year.

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